Helmet lock and Phone Holder
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Hand Free Mode

A phone holder is an apparatus that every motorcycle owner needs nowadays. But that’s not the only thing we want to mean by hands-free mode. Most of the time, most of us carry our helmets during our motor riding breaks or wherever we go. This is the main point we want to draw attention to with the hands-free mode.

The idea of not carrying our helmet in our hands or allocating the bag volume on our existing motorcycle to the helmet and leaving this area empty for other equipment seems interesting to us. And we believe you will make your motor rides in your daily life or travels more practical with this product.

The HP Lock device, offered by the Two – S brand, serves as a phone holder and allows you to safely lock your helmet. In this way, you will be able to safely leave your helmet on your motorcycle with a single movement without any effort. You will no longer need to worry about your helmet being stolen or falling off the engine, or to put a different lock on your side.

Meet With Us and Our Products

I am a product designer and also a motorcycle enthusiast. I travel on my motorcycle both in my daily life and whenever I find a chance. In this process, I think about how we can make more practical motorcycle usage and the equipment that we use. When I explained the phone holder and helmet lock project to my mechatronics engineer partner, he liked it very much, and in this way our adventure started in 2018.

The helmet lock and phone holder project, the first product of the Two – S company, was not only produced during this period, but also continues to develop day by day. Soon it will turn into a modular and versatile product with many side accessories such as handlebar bag and key holder. We have aimed to improve ourselves in this field and many other subjects and to make better and more useful products.

One of our main goals is to bring the practicality of the motorcycle to the equipment. The more practical the equipment we use, the more effortless motorcycle rides become. In this way, we want to bring more people to the motorcycle and break down the prejudices against the motorcycle.

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