As a product designer and a motorcycle enthusiast, I embark on motorcycle journeys both in my daily life and whenever I find the opportunity. Throughout this process, I constantly ponder on how to make motorcycle usage and equipment more practical. When I shared the idea of a phone holder and helmet lock project with my mechatronics engineer partner, they loved it, and that's how our adventure began in 2018.

The first product of Two-S company, the helmet lock, and phone holder project, not only came to life during this process but also continues to evolve every day. In the very near future, it will transform into a versatile product with various side accessories like handlebar bags, key holders, and more, offering modular and enhanced user convenience. We aim to improve ourselves in this field and many others, striving to create better and more user-friendly products.

One of our fundamental goals is to bring the practicality of motorcycle usage to the equipment. The more practical our equipment becomes, the easier motorcycle rides will be. In doing so, we aspire to introduce more people to motorcycling and break down any misconceptions about it.