You can track your orders and process cancellations or refunds through the physical or online stores where you made your purchases.
You can return the purchased product within 15 days without any questions asked (The product package must be unopened, and the product and its packaging must be undamaged).
The product's assembly and usage instructions are detailed in the user manual included in the product box. For a more in-depth explanation, please visit our YouTube page.
For Two-S Company, there is no warranty provided in case of key loss. Therefore, we recommend you to keep the spare key that was sent to you as a backup to prevent any key loss.
If the key is not opening your lock, there might be a technical issue. Therefore, you need to send the entire set to us for warranty purposes.
You can send your product to us within the Warranty Terms. To initiate the warranty service, please email us at "" with the purchase date of the product and the issue you are experiencing with the product, along with your personal information. After that, you will receive shipping information and code. Detailed information about the necessary steps and the following process will be sent to you via email.